At the Yale Vannoy Quarterback Academy, we engineer elite quarterbacks. We do this by coaching our quarterbacks to become fundamentally strong. In college, we spent 45 minutes before every practice working strictly fundamentals like proper footwork, center quarterback exchange, and throwing mechanics. It did not take me long to realize that my pre practice fundamental work would dictate my performance in each practice. We challenge our quarterbacks to practice without fear of making a mistake. We learn from our mistakes on the practice field so that we can be flawless on game day.

What we want more than anything is for each one of our players to have a great experience. The bottom line is that football should be fun. I’ve had a handful of coaches at different levels in my playing career that were negative and critical, lacking the ability to communicate with players. If a player missed a certain assignment on the practice field, the coach would use it as a platform to scream instead of using it as a learning opportunity. I had a hard time enjoying myself at times for fear of making a mistake and upsetting my coach. At our Academy, we do not believe in tearing our guys down. We are in the business of building better quarterbacks.

You have a very small window in your life to go through this process. I’m inviting you to make your dream a reality at the Yale Vannoy Quarterback Academy.

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